Guest Bloggers are Coming to Umoja Writing Competition

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Guest Bloggers will be posting to this blog shortly.

We’ve decided to include a variety of writers, journalists and bloggers to give you more information about writing, volunteering and publishing. Some guests will stay for a while, others will post just once, but all will contribute to the Umoja Writing Competition in a worthwhile way.

The more opportunity we have to build the blog and its readership, the more chance we have of a successful competition and a new platform for writers. The biggest benefit of all is to the Umoja Orphanage Kenya. It’s simple: the more entrants, the more funds raised for this wonderful, worthy cause.

I hope you’re excited about the new development. If you don’t already Follow the Umoja Writing Competition, click on Follow now to join (right-hand side of home page). You’ll then receive new posts and never miss out on new information about the competition.


If you would like to guest blog please contact Donna on the Contact page. Give her a reason you should be posting, what you’ll post about and how often you can post.

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