Eye on the Prize entered in Pitch to Rich

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EyethePrize has been entered into Pitch to Rich, a business funding scheme run by Sir Richard Branson.

Pitch link: http://ow.ly/MwCk6

If Eye the Prize wins the public vote (for the Start Up category), they have a shot at receiving crucial development funding enabling us to increase their membership and develop better promotional features (we have a link on their sight).

Creative opportunities comprise of the following:

  • Competitions
  • Funding
  • Paid Internships & Apprenticeships
  • Professional Training & Events
  • Residencies

Opportunities cover 12 main categories across the arts and creative industries:

  • Built Environment
  • Dance
  • Fashion, Arts & Crafts
  • Film Festivals
  • Fine Art
  • Industry Design
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Script Writing
  • St
  • age & Screen
  • Visual Communication
  • Writing (such as Umoja Writing Competition)

Voting closes TODAY, Wednesday, May 6th. Please share the pitch link via your social networks (you can do this on our entry page).

With your vote, they stand a chance of making it through to the next round.



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