Writing Prompts to get your entries flowing

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Let’s help you get your story started

With a theme ‘Child’ it shouldn’t be difficult to find something to write about, but for some it is. Often when a theme is set writers either go with the flow or become blocked. If you’re struggling to get started we have some prompts to help you get those creative juices flowing like a waterfall.

Here ten writing prompts:

  • You hear a child crying at your front door. What happens next?
  • At a Kenyan feeding station a tiny skinny child approaches you with a wide smile despite his emaciated condition.
  • This child knows the bush well and is tracking a lone baby elephant. Unknown to her, a lion is following.
  • What’s it like to hold a newborn baby for the first time?
  • Do babies have a unique smell, touch, sound & look?
  • Two of your favourite children are in a race. Only one can win. How do you handle this? How do they?
  • Tears are flowing down the face of a pubescent girl. She clutches a letter.
  • A school full of primary age students are mucking up in class. How does the teacher get their attention?
  • What would your inner child do with a mound of clay or Play Dough?
  • Did you fear something as a child? Bring this fear into a story about a child.

Okay now you have the excitement of a story brewing you need to get started. Entries close August 6th so don’t miss out on our deadline for Umoja Writing Competition 2015.



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