Things I have learned: Part 3….African People

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Things I have learned:  Part 3….African People

by Guest Blogger Lauren Dionysius

African School Children

  • wealth and happiness has nothing to do with stuff and things
  • some of the “poorest” people in the world have the richest souls that ooze generosity
  • there are school kids in today’s world who have to climb through a barbed wire fence so they can wee in the grass next door

Old African Man Mother and Child Two cuties

  • teaching a class of Zulu children about warthogs is surprisingly rewarding
  • it took all of my restraint not to go around wiping all the little Zulu kids’ noses
  • playing soccer against the local Zimbabwean woman with the kids cheering us on is actually a lot of fun, despite my lack of skill and coordination
  • Zimbabweans are always just about to ‘make a plan, yeh?’…though often they just never quite get around to it…
  • when in Africa you’ve just gotta make do with what and who you have…improvisation is the key
  • the average Kenyan nurse earns less than US$300 a month
  • the Masai’s staple diet consists of cow’s blood and milk

Delicious food

  • the Masai people build their huts out of cow poo

African Hut

  • it’s amazing how much stuff the locals can fit onto the back of a bicycle!
  • a Malawian witch doctor is one scary looking dude!
  • do not question Mr Frederick, the scary South African immigration guy, or he will yell at you…loudly…twice
  • the bushman tribes use tortoise shells to boil their porcupines in…very intuitive!
  • people of all types are very interesting creatures
  • do not leave your legs dangling over the side of the ute when driving past kids…they will slap your shins and leave nasty bruises
  • 60% of people living in rural Malawi are unemployed
  • Africans work hard to preserve their ancient cultures for generations to come
  • and finally, Africans put the “unity” in “community”

Happy kids Lauren with kids More cute kids

And we know what unity means ‘Umoja’. So now it’s time to follow Lauren’s lead and get your entries in to:


Thank you so much to Lauren for her wonderful contributions in helping this blog get out to the writing community and make our fundraising writing competition a success.

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