Thank you to those who entered Umoja Writing Competition 2015

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2015 Umoja Writing Competition Closed

Thank you to everyone who entered in 2015

To raise much needed funds for Umoja Orphanage Kenya we need to make this competition a success. This year we gave entrants longer to enter and marketed and promoted heavily with writing groups, schools, writing sites and social media. With times being tough, even here in Australia (though of course nowhere near as tough as Kenya) we believe people are finding it harder to find an extra $25. Entries were down which is disappointing. It leads to the question: do you think we should reduce the entry fee next year? Would more people enter?

Warm & Witty Words has donated the prize money and Literacy Consultant Deb Lawrence has donated the trophy, so a big THANK YOU for your support. We hoped the prize money and trophy would encourage people to enter, but this hasn’t seemed to be the case either, or more people would enter. We’d love feedback about why writers enter writing competitions. Is it for the writing profile? We are entering our third year and have plenty of supporters and good feedback so I believe we are creating a literary profile for any winners of the competition. Why haven’t more of you entered?

For instance, in only the first year, winner, Lauren Dionysius, has received plenty of writing opportunities since her win, including a an overseas writer’s retreat. You can build your profile through this competition, and have the added bonus of doing something good for society by helping Umoja Orphanage Kenya.

Next year please enter and encourage your writing friends to enter. Even if you’ve never entered a writing competition, enter. You just may find your writing passion.

Thanks again to those who entered. Be assured all your entries fees go directly back to the Umoja Orphanage Kenya, because prize money and trophy have been donated by Warm & Witty Words and Literacy Consultant Deb Lawrence.

Short listed entries will be announced shortly. Good luck to our entries.



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