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The shortlist for Umoja Orphanage Writing Competition 2015 has been announced.

Congratulations to these entries and thank you to all participants. Your entry fee goes a long way in helping Umoja Orphanage Kenya.

Cathy with baby

Our shortlist (in no particular order) with comments from our judges:

‘A Cup of Water’ by Judith Howe.

“It had a great use of descriptive language and a good use of vocabulary.”

“I liked the use of viewpoint. Engaging.”

‘The Tiny Teacher’ by Kirsten Leggettt.

“The beginning of the story engaged me as a reader. The vocabulary used created visual images and was highly descriptive. Tension was tightened as the main character entered the house. I loved the twist at the end. Very cleverly written.”

“Well-written and descriptive.”

 ‘Winter’ by Denise Krklec.

“I loved the simplicity of this story. I was connected to the moral of the story. The vocabulary again was descriptive and painted visual images in my mind.”

“Sad but poignant story with wonderful language.”

 ‘How do different cultures express their values and beliefs through children’s stories (essay)’ by Siena Hemra.

“I enjoyed reading this writers perspective on children’s literature.”

“A well-researched, well-written essay of merit.”

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