A new year for Umoja Writing Competition starts Australia Day

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It’s Australia Day today. It’s as good a day as any to start off this year’s competition posts.

I made a New Year’s Resolution to write more often (I do it every year), so it’s a good idea to start these things (at least before January ends). I posted on Warm and Witty Words today, so my writing has indeed begun (again). Okay I could count the writing I do at work (marketing, social media etc.) but it’s not the same as writing for me. Today was the first day I really made a point of posting my writing.

Australia Day 2016
Australia Day is as good a day as any to start your writing goals again.

I hope you’ve started your writing year on a good note too. If you haven’t begin now, or at least before February 1st, so you have a goal in mind.

Soon I’ll announce this year’s theme, word count and format. Instead of an entry fee we’ll be urging all entrants to support the Umoja Orphanage in some way. I’ll let you know how that works very soon. In the meanwhile draft, write, edit and begin again.

Today enjoy Australia Day whether you’re in Australia or Africa, remember our unity – Umoja.

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