Where does my Umoja Writing Comp entry fee go?

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Where does your Umoja Writing Competition Entry Fee go?

If you haven’t read more about it yet  you can read the latest Rotary Newletter and even subscribe to it if you like.

The biggest highlights from the latest on the Umoja Orphanage Kenya are:

  • 2016 will be the year we open the doors to the first children’s home (need $10,00 more to achieve this).
  • Education of our social worker, Kevin (sponsored through university and the first person in his village to attain a university degree). How cool is that!
  • Training our first house mamma (who will look after our orphans beautifully).
  • Completion of our chicken shed (will house 300 chickens but we need to fill it).
  • 40ft container of donated goods arrived on site (full of bedding and clothing ready for the orphans).
  • Three-level water tower to hold 50,000 litres of water (thanks to a grant from Australian Aid).
  • Kitchen with traditional Lamu ceilings.
  • Cathy did some guest speaking at Rotary Clubs in NSW.
  • Thank you to all the kind helpers, especially 90 year old Rene who is in a nursing home in Bundaberg and knits for the children.
Traditional construction of Umoja Orphanage children's home.
Traditional construction of Umoja Orphanage children’s home.
The progress is going well in Kenya.
The progress is going well in Kenya.
Traditional Lamu ceiling.
Traditional Lamu ceiling.

So you can see that just $10 will go a long way (but if you can give more when you enter that would be gratefully appreciated too). Let’s all make this the best fundraiser for Umoja Orphanage yet. Tell all your writing friends. Tell all your non-writing friends. We welcome essayists, poets, travel writers and creative writers, so even novices can give it a go. Have fun and remember that writing can be a gateway to anywhere.

Enter today: Entry Form

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