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Time is running out to enter our writing competition

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Only a week to get your entries in to Umoja Writing Competition 2015. To make this a successful literary competition and fundraiser for Umoja Orphanage Kenya, we desperately need more entries. Please let all your writing friends know about us and encourage them to enter, please.


The theme is ‘Child’ but anything can inspire you.

  • The above picture perhaps (baby animals and children).
  • Your own children.
  • Children in your area.
  • The children of Africa.
  • A baby who impacted your life.
  • A toddler’s world.
  • The inner child.

Hurry. Entries must be post-marked 6th August 2015 or arrive in my inbox before midnight on that day.


Ride your own wave when writing

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Umoja Orphanage Writing Comp quote

Here’s another writing quote to inspire you to write.

I hope you get your entry in to Umoja Writing Competition and test your writing. Entries close 6th August 2015. We need as many entries as possible to make this competition a success for the Umoja Orphanage Kenya. Please pass on to all your writing friends.

Here’s some more writing tips to help you in your quest to write:

  • Membership in a national professional writing group can help you establish a professional image
  • Write often, even if it’s just notes and scribbles
  • Writing competitions build writing skills and test you against other writing styles Enter
  • Inspiration often comes from nature. Look around you.
  • Keep a notebook and don’t let any of those brilliant ideas slip away
  • Set writing goals you can reach. Once reached expand them further.
  • Attend workshops and conferences to enhance your writing craft
  • Encourage other writer
  • Write, write & write (edit re-write, edit re-write, edit re-write) polish

Good luck with your entry in this unique writing competition.


There doesn’t need to be a reason to write

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There really doesn’t need to be a reason to write, as Nike says, ‘Just do it!’

Even when inspiration is yet to strike you can still start writing. Just let it flow and see what happens. Once you are writing you’ll often be surprised by what starts to flow from your brain to the pen or the keyboard.


Now why don’t you start your entry into Umoja Writing Competition 2015. You only have to write 1,000 words with the theme CHILD. Everyone must have a story in them about CHILD. If you’re a school child you’ll be young enough to write about how you felt as a child. If you’re older you can draw on your love of a child you know or met. You can write fiction, essay or travel article, so there’s plenty of scope for all sorts of writers.

So what have you got to lose? Nothing and the orphanage has plenty to gain by your entry. Thanks you.

If you would like to pass on the competition information to your school or writing friends, please download the PDF below:

Umoja Writing Comp 2015 Flyer