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Writer’s Block

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Don’t let writer’s block get the better of you. Every writer experiences it, though some won’t acknowledge it. Many writers just believe they just need to keep writing to overcome it. I agree.

Artwork by Donna Munro using Graphic Stock

If you don’t even know where to start your entry in the Umoja Writing Competition here’s a few ideas to find some inspiration and get writing:

  • Doodle until you come up with a drawing that inspires you.
  • Write the words ‘writer’s block’ in the middle of a page. Outside this word write all the words that make you feel blocked.
  • Read your last story again. Remember how well you write.
  • Go outside. What do you see? Sunshine? Butterflies? Wet grass? Write about it.
  • What is something funny or sweet a child you know did? (helping with the theme here)
  • Go to your inspiration file in your computer (I use OneNote). You do have one don’t you?
  • Just start writing. Anything. Rubbish even. Until it becomes inspired writing.

So get writing. You can start sending your entries in only six days. Go to: Rules and Entry Form page to download. Good luck.