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And if you love writing why not write a story that helps others. By entering the Umoja Writing Competition your entry fee goes towards fundraising for Umoja Orphanage Kenya. The orphanage is a self-sustainable community project that enables the people of the Kwale District to fight poverty. Umoja is family centred, meaning we believe in the nurturing power of the family for children’s growth and development. Please help these children reach their full potential by entering today.


They were killed for wanting an education

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Our hearts go out to the students of Garissa University College. Of the 147 killed, most were innocent students studying to gain a better life in Kenya. If Al-Shabab can have the horrific belief that non-Muslim,s trying to gain an education, should be killed, how can they be stopped? They’re evil and are trying to send our world back into the dark ages. It’s doubtful they would listen to reason as they’ve obviously lost their humanity.

Imagine the trauma of all the students and teachers, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, whatever religion, all were terrified and all were equally just young people trying to improve their way of life, and probably their families too. Later Muslim students placarded with words like, ‘We stand with our our fellow Kenyans. Enough is enough.”

As I write this the Kenyan army is bombing Al-Shabab in Somalia. I hope the retaliation can contain the terrorists and stop them but unfortunately the conflict will probably escalate before it can end. More innocent people will probably die and that’s extremely sad but every Kenyan will suffer.

Tourists will stop coming and industries will suffer. The progress, long fought for, will stop. Kenya’s already living in poverty will now be in worse poverty. It’s looking bleak but we hope our friends in Kenya rally and stay strong.

Hopefully what Cathy and her team have taught the community of the Umoja Orphanage about sustainability will help them through this time. When the threat of Al-Shabab is over they can again welcome tourist and aid to their beautiful country with their wide smiles. We hope they can all build a good quality of life that all people of our world deserve.

Again, I urge all writers to pass on information about the Umoja Writing Competition to writing friends who may be interested in entering. You can see how important these funds will be to help educating the children of Kenya. Terrorists may try to steal their right to an education but we want to ensure they have that right and that the Umoja Orphanage is available to as many as possible. The more funds available the more that can be provided.

Tell other writers, “Just go to and enter. It’s for such a worthy cause. Why wouldn’t you?”