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Writing Quote for the day – originality

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Writing quote for the day is part of an interview by Jonathan Aldridge from The Writer February 2015 magazine. I’m always interested in how other writers write, particularly successful ones. Hopefully some of that advice rubs off to make aspiring writers successful.


Writing is an exploration

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Writing quote by E.L. Doctorow


Guest Blogger – Sarah Cannata

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Sarah is a freelance writer based in Melbourne, Australia. She has recently launched her own website (www.sarahcannata.com.au – original, huh?) with the aim of connecting with a variety of people (feel free to take a squiz, she’d love to hear what you think). Sarah has written for a number of websites and magazines and in her downtime, enjoys travelling and listening to music. Journey into the land of ‘make-believe’, Sarah sees herself writing in Mdina in Malta which is referred to as the silent city (aka, a writer’s dream).

Guest Blogger Sarah Cannata.
Guest Blogger Sarah Cannata.


Thank you to Sarah for contributing to the Umoja Writing Competition. Every guest blogger helps spread the word of this competition and its fundraising for Umoja Orphanage Kenya. A terrific cause creating a self-sustainable village in Ukunda, Kenya, Africa with the help of Australians.

Sarah’s interesting and helpful blog post, using the theme; rejection, will be posted shortly. It’s a good one to start with because, unfortunately, rejection goes hand-in-hand with a writer’s life. Perseverance is the key and I hope you enjoy Sarah’s hints on how to keep to your writing path.


Persistence is integral to being a good writer

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Persistence is integral to being a good writer.



Writing competitions are a good way to keep persistent. Enter them to test yourself and your writing by sticking to word counts, themes and other entry instructions.

Why not enter the Umoja Writing Competition now!

If you have ways of being a persistent writer please comment below and give your fellow writers some valuable tips.

Themed Writing Competitions

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Do you want to win this writing competition?

If you do you need to keep in mind a few key points, the main one being, if there is a theme you must include that theme in your entry. In the second year of this competition we have chosen the theme ‘Child’. This is an apt theme for Umoja Orphanage Kenya. Last year our theme was ‘Africa’.

The theme is subjective. You can interpret the theme in any creative way you wish. As long as you write an engaging story that in some way reflects the theme you have a change of winning the competition.

Here’s some main tips to win:

  • Include the theme.
  • Write and engaging, flowing, unique and readable entry.
  • Do not send your first draft – edit, edit and reedit.
  • Be accurate. Don’t include anything you haven’t researched, unless you’re writing fantasy.
  • Use realistic dialogue.
  • With limited word counts avoid too much exposition – show don’t tell.
  • Use all the senses in your descriptions.
  • Make your characters come alive. Can your readers cheer for them; dislike them; be intrigued by them?
  • Enjoy what you are writing.

Good luck.

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Enter the competition today and help Umoja Orphanage Kenya.