Umoja Orphanage Kenya

Founded by Bundaberg School Teacher Cathy Booth in 2010 the Umoja Orphanage Kenya Project (yes, it’s still in progress ‘Raise the Roof’). It is supported by Sunrise Rotary Club Bundaberg and Rotary Club of Diani Beach Kenya. It is a Project of Rotary Australia World Community Service 51/2011-12. The project has purchased 15 acres of fertile land near the coast of Kenya in the Kwale District, about eight minutes from Ukunda and 10 minutes from the beautiful and busy tourist town Diani Beach. Ukunda is about 30 km from the more known town of Mombassa.

Umoja is Swahili for unity and togetherness – (see the logo) two countries working together for one cause.

Cathy with baby

There are numerous reasons why this orphanage is needed. The mission statement for the project is:

Every child deserves the basic needs for survival. Our organisation aims to provide food, shelter, love, care, respect, education, and support for the vulnerable and orphaned children of this world. We will create an environment that provides:

  • food and nutritional support
  • shelter where children can feel safe and secure
  • protection from all forms of abuse
  • acceptable health care services
  • psychosocial and emotional support
  • educational and vocational assistance and training
  • the right to fulfil their spiritual and religious beliefs
  • the opportunity to realise their physical, mental, and social potential
  • guidance so to realise their rights and responsibilities and understand shared values
  • unconditional love and a sense of belonging
  • hope for the future.

Why Kenya?

As many say ‘look after your own backyard first’ but we’ve all got to realise the whole World is our backyard. Every child deserves a chance. Kenya (like many other African countries) is, by every economic indicator, one of the poorest countries in the world. The situation of most Kenyans remains critical, due to social-economic, cultural, traditional and developmental circumstances; natural disasters, armed conflicts; exploitation; and hunger. There are now an estimated 2.3 million Kenyan orphans, with more than 50% due to the HIV/AIDS crisis.

Umoja square logoWithout intervention orphaned children have no hope of surviving. The Umoja Children’s Home will be established in Kenya to assist the plight of orphaned and vulnerable children and to provide nutrition, shelter and education in a loving and secure environment.

This is more than reason enough for me to become involved. It is the reason this writing competition has been created to fundraise for sponsorship, so I can join the next group attending and see the orphanage and the groundwork already done. I can then return in the future to teach English to the children that will one day be welcomed into the Umoja Orphanage Kenya. Please help me to do this by supporting this writing competition and anything to do with the Umoja Orphanage Kenya Project.

If you do not want to be involved in the writing competition but are interested in helping the orphanage please go to Umoja Orphanage Kenya Project and see all your options to help.

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